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To be Bandin resort….. We have experience in constructing homes in Bangkok for over 20 years, starting from the first project throughout, constantly improving and developing until receiving the acknowledgement of leading companies in Bangkok to build, homes and large projects, but never having the occasion to build the ‘ideal’, the perfect one. “Once the chance came to own this land in Chiangmai, we knew that this is where we would finally build the ‘ideal’ home that we always wanted to share.”

The first Bandin was born… We chose to create one from a combination of strong metal structure plastered with earth. With this signature Earthen House, the local artisans of the area have been imbued with our new techniques, thereby benefiting the community as well. The outstanding feature of an Earthen House is its heat and cold insulation, ensuring year-round comfort level for residents, no matter what the weather may bring.

The first house was completed within 4 months, and after that came the second, then the third… we just couldn’t stop, it was such fun…finally, the labor of love became a resort! Each house is decorated in different styles by knowledgeable, decorating friends, and the owner‘s appreciation of Lanna art influenced the choice of interior furnishings, chosen from the best of local skilled artisans. The hand-made ceramic roof tiles, the clay tiles for swimming pool and crockery items, teakwood furniture, wicker chairs, bamboo vessels and utensils, even lighting fixtures are all supplied from Lampang, Chiangmai and some other places in the north. That is why we can say that this resort was born of a strong love, appreciation and imagination and we wish for all who come to stay with us to take the precious experience of sheer comfort, ease and satisfaction back with them when they return home.

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